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Dear Parents,

Today your child is bringing home a homework task to compliment their Science unit. The task will form the basis of our science session in the second week of term three so it is important that it is completed and returned to school, to enable your child to participate effectively in the session.

The task involves students looking for a specimen in each of the following categories.

  • living
  • non living

There is also a third category of ‘unsure’ which provides an opportunity for your child to list a specimen that they feel may not fall into a single category or they are simply unsure about. These specimens will provide opportunity for discussion in class.

The expectation is that your child will observe each specimen in its environment then complete an observational drawing showing as much detail as possible. If your child has access to a digital camera and would like to photograph the specimens, they can then be included and shared with the class. They will then list their reasons for their classification and both the drawing and writing should be completed on the home explorer’s journal sheet.

We are asking that no actual specimens be collected or sent in to class.

The following are some guidelines that your child should be mindful of when exploring specimens.

Code of Caring

When searching for living things it is important to remember to;

  • search carefully, disturbing the surroundings as little as possible
  • replace stones and logs after searching
  • be gentle
  • beware of bites and stings
  • not to remove plants or animals
  • respect the living things and their environment
  • understand that living things can rely on non living things for their survival, so these should not be removed either

Looking forward to seeing what your child has discovered

Thank you

Justine Convery and Grade 3 teachers (Julie Simpson, Leah Coulson, Cathy Caldwell, Rosie Morgan and Kayleigh Marsh)

Home explorers journal

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