What’s inside a seed?

Is a seed… living?

List these reasons why you think the seed is living or non-living.

Explore a dry bean seed and a soaked borlotti bean seed.

Create a scientific drawing and label the parts of the seed you know. Complete the observation record.

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 11.14.17 AMObservation Record

Dry Bean Seed Investigation

Using the magnifing glasses observe the dry seed, focus on the shape, colour, texture, smell and size.

Soaked Seed Investigation

Remove the coat of the soaked seed.

What are the differences between the seeds?

What do yo think causes the differences?

Germination is the process of a plant growing from a seed. Water is the trigger of germination. The process of soaking the seeds was the first step in the germination of the seed.



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