Animal Sort

How can we sort the ‘living’ specimens?

How can we find out if it is an animal?

How can we tell?

When we want to find an animal, what should we look for?

Living Things Cards

Look at the cards closely each of them has a measurement next to each picture, this is the sizes of each specimens.

In collaborative leaning teams we are going to sort the animals into three groups, ‘Plants’, ‘Animals’ and ‘Unsure’.

ant photo Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 10.10.42 AM

Once you have completed sorting. Complete ‘What is an animal?’ worksheet, discuss in teams.

What is an animal?

Did everyone else come to the same conclusions?

Do we any new claims?

Scientists consider that all living things shown on the cards that are NOT plants are called animals.

Do you agree with the scientists’ claim? Why or Why not?

Why do you think scientists classify them all as animals?



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