Bean Seed Germination

Why are dry bean seeds kept in a waterproof packet?

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Think about what we know about seeds and the effect water has on them?

In teams we are going to be completing bean seed germination, making sure we place the beans carefully so that they will grow.

How might we determine the top and bottom of the seed?

Each member of the team is going to place their bean in a diffrent way. Position the beans between the paper towel and a plastic snap lock bag.

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Procedure: Bean seed germination


To observe and record the germination and early growth stages of a bean seed.


(For each team)

  • 3 plastic bags
  • 3 sheets of paper towel for each bag
  • 3 pegs or labels
  • 1 maginifying glass
  • 3 soaked beans
  • container of water



1. Fold one sheet of paper towel in half and line the zip lock bag with it.

2. Scrunch two pieces of paper towel and put them in the middle of the zip lock bag to hold the paper lining firmly against the sides of the bag

3. Place the seed in between the paper lining and the bag.

4. Label your bag.

5. Put your bag in the plant nursery

Bean seed recording:

Watch your bean seed grow through the early stages of its life cycle. Keep a careful record of the growth in your science journal

To make an accurate record of the bean seeds early life, you need to include:

– labelled diagrams

– measurements of growth of various parts

Each time you record information about your bean seed, include the time, date and the day of growth.

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