Patterns in plants

What have we been investigating about germination of seeds?

What have you been observing, measuring and recording?

We are going to use our records of observation from the seed germination activity to create a representation of seed germination. A timeline will be used as it allows us to show a sequence of events.

What changes to the seed and seedling did you observe?

What happened first? What happened second? (and so on)

After you have completed your timeline share in small groups, answering these questions;

On which day did the roots generally appear?

On which day did the shoots enerally appear?

Why does the shoot go down?

Why does the shoot go up?

Where does the seedling get its food from before the plant has leaves and roots?

Make sure you are using scientific words: seed, root, stem, seed leaf or cotyledon, leaf, seedling.

Where does the seed fit into the plant life cycle and why?

Do you think a seed is living or ‘not living’?


Plot a graph and show the increase in root and shoot length.



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