The bee’s knees

A fascinating gallery of bee movies – who are the pollen thieves, who are the best pollinators, do some flowers prefer particular bee visitors, what is “buzz” pollination? Nine short videos giving you an insight in to the extraordinary behaviour of some of our native bees.

What parts of the flower are involved in pollination?

Why do flowers help with pollination?

How does pollen grains get from the anthers to the stigma in a flower?

In the clips from the Australian Museum, what do you observe the bee doing?

What happening to the legs of the bee as it looks for nectar in the flower?

We use labelled diagrams to show the shape, size and features of an object.

Interactive diagram of a bee.

A labelled diagram might include a title, and accurate drawing, a scale to show the object’s size and labels showing the main features. A line or arrow connects the label to the feature.

Bee Pollinator Procedure

Some flowers need pollen from other plants of the same species to pollinate (cross-pollinate) while the flowers of other plants such as tomato plants, use theie on pollen (self pollination).

What happens when you put your bee inside other cups to collect nectar?

What happens if you shake the cup? Does the pollen move around the cup? Do you think it would be easy for the pollen to reach the stigma if you shake the cup?

What do you think might happen if the flowers were sprayed ith a pesticide harmful to bees?

Explore the roles of native in the process of pollination of Australian native plants.

Listen to an audio recording on ‘sugarbag’ (honey)

Bees pollinate flowers because…

The parts of a bee’s body that make it suited to pollination are…

Bees and flowers have a special relationship because…

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